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Discographies of Tango Maestros, Vol.1


The book “Discographies of Tango Maestros”, fills an important gap in the field of tango. This book, which is the product of a detailed study such as specifying the different records of the tracks given in alphabetical order by giving dates and making distinctions such as tango, vals, milonga and which is designed as three volumes, not only gives the discography of the tango orchestras, but also reveals various orchestras in which a meastro takes place, different orchestral forms that has been established, and other genres of interest and performance. In this way, not only tango, but also different dance music genres such as foxtrot, pasodoble and more traditional music genres like candombe, ranchera, show how they affected the period of Argentine music culture and the tango. On the other hand, this book can be considered as a basic reference for academics, musicians, DJs and all tango enthusiasts interested in tango for it can be examined through different readings such as orchestras, singers, or record years, as well as in the cross-reference list in the last section of the book.


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Name             : Discographies of Tango Maestros, Volume 1

Language      : English

Author           : Cumhur Dilek

ISBN               : 978-605-031-899-9

Released        : June 2019

Page               : 376

Weight           : 600 gr

Size                 : 16*24*2 cm

Price               : 19,99 €

Web                  : https://tangodiscography.com/

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